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School of Applied Technology School of Applied Technology

There are numerous career paths to consider in the School of Applied Technology… from Drafting to Electronics and Manufacturing Technology. Here, numerous challenging and exciting opportunities for the future await you. Come explore the possibilities!

School of Engineering School of Engineering Technology

Students participating in School of Engineering Technology courses are better prepared for college engineering programs and are more likely to be successful. The mental and physical skills acquired in this program will be useful to students no matter what career path they choose. They gain confidence and techniques for making successful presentations, performing technical writing, and generating spreadsheets, as well as mastering desktop publishing, CAD programs, computer programming, and analyzing systems and projects.

Academy of Information Technology Academy of Information Technology

Many view technology as a “cornerstone of the 21st Century.” We agree, and that is why PCTI takes pride in its Academy of Information Technology. Nationally recognized by the NAF (National Academy Foundation), this challenging program trains students in the computer industry.